Dyslexia tutoring

Dyslexic Strengths offer qualified specialist tutoring that follows the international best practice approach of structured literacy, as recommended by Dyslexia International.

We are qualified teachers and have specialist training in delivering the Playberry Multisensory Literacy Program. The Playberry program is an intensive intervention for people living with reading and spelling difficulties. Read more about how our dyslexia tutoring works.

Support for kids that are falling behind.

Reading and writing are a huge part of your child’s school life. If they struggle with reading or school goes too fast for them, they may need some extra support.

We will teach your child how to read by building on their strengths and skills every session, at their pace, following a structured program.

School goes too fast for some kids.

Kids living with dyslexia often struggle to keep up with the pace of school. They need extra practise and one-on-one instruction that most schools don’t provide. Individual tutoring can fill this gap. We use a diagnostic teaching approach to keep track of what your child understands, and we work at their pace – we don’t leave them behind – we observe them carefully and adjust the program to their individual needs.

Give your child more confidence at school.

Living with dyslexia or having difficulty with reading can be incredibly stressful for kids. They often feel ashamed or think they are “stupid” even though they are not. By working with a tutor and getting some success with reading kids can start to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Kids living with dyslexia can learn to read, it just takes a longer time and requires more work – but we can support them to get there.

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