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Dyslexic Strengths
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How we work

We all have unique natural strengths, and we all have some things we must work hard to master. Every person is different, and every brain is different – this is what drives innovation and makes humanity amazing.

If your kid finds reading and spelling tricky, despite being taught how to do it, they might be living with dyslexia. Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty, which means kids living with dyslexia generally have average or above-average intelligence, and only have a specific difficulty with reading and spelling.

Other kids might have no problems with reading and just find writing and spelling tricky – this is known as dysgraphia. Some kids might have difficulty working with numbers and doing calculations – this is known as dyscalculia. Some kids might live with a combination of these, or even live with all three.

Together they are referred to as Specific Learning Disorders or SLD for short.

The good news is specific learning differences are exactly that – specific.  So, while your kid might have trouble reading and spelling, dyslexia doesn’t impact their intelligence, problem-solving, creativity, athletic ability, logical thinking, scientific thinking, musical ability, mechanical ability, artistic ability and so on. There are even many successful writers who live with dyslexia.

At Dyslexic Strengths, we take the time to understand each kid’s natural strengths, and build on this to teach them how to read, write, spell and do maths. We do this by going back to the basics, following very logical structures, teaching everything explicitly and at their pace. We also do lots of fun activities to engage their strengths and support the areas they find tricky.

Meet the team

Michael Shanahan

Michael is our principal tutor. He started out as a school teacher and has had a diverse career as an educator, theatre director, actor, writer, interactive designer and a manager in the disability sector. He developed a passion for supporting kids with specific learning differences when his son was diagnosed with dyslexia in 2010 and his daughter with dyslexia and dyscalculia in 2012. Since then he has completed the highly regarded Teaching Students with Dyslexia Level 1, 2 and 3 training with Dyslexia Solutions, as well as specialist dyslexia and maths professional development courses. He is a registered tutor with SPELD SA and runs a Podcast with Bill Hansberry for parents and teachers of kids living with learning difficulties.

Sandra Robinson

Sandra is a former English and drama teacher. She works behind the scenes advocating for kids living with specific learning difficulties and keeps everything running smoothly.  Sandra has a deep commitment to social justice which drives her passion for strengthening communities and advocating for kids with learning difficulties.

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